Day 11/30 #LiveHard #Phase1

Our family matriarch has been on my heart and mind, I’m not much of a poet, for her, I will try:


Salafaiuatasi, the backbone that keeps us aligned

Her vision to live beyond Falevao so her aiga can thrive

Upon the Tofua she set sail towards the land of the long white cloud

Salafaiuatasi, a woman who took no bullshit from anyone

She never minced her words, strength became her, love exuded from her

Service at her core, to her aiga, to her beloved Samoa

Salafaiuatasi, the seamstress, the milliner, the baker, the fofō

The hostess with the mostest, Maple Street a hive of activity, a safe haven for her extended aiga

Her arms always open with no strings attached, Avondale is where it all began

Salafaiuatasi, her laugh contagious, and the sound of radio samoa humming late into the night

Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, and my beloved Great Aunty

Because of you, we are, because of you, I am

Salafaiuatasi, our family matriarch, always in my heart


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