Day 10/30 #Livehard #Phase1

Always love learning new things about my culture, and one of those things is a certain tatau (tattoo) that has resurfaced through the tufuga (Master Tattooist) Liaifaiva and that is the Punialo as it pertains to females. What I mean by resurfaced, it’s the first time I’ve come across it🤘🏾

As per Liaifaiva post, the meaning is as follows:

‘Puni: to cover or protect; Alo: children/abdomen’

As someone who adorns the measina (treasure) or markings of our ancestors in the malu (protect/shelter) the punialo intrigues me. The placement, the meaning, the femininity of it all, hand on heart I think it’s beautiful.

Full disclosure, I’m no expert and still learning about it myself. Friends have sent me some imagery of historical prints and a wee bit of history on it, I cannot wait to delve into this part of our cultural art history more, especially as it pertains to Samoan women.


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